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We have wide range of products covering numerous applications in various industry segments. To summarise our products could be broadly categorised on basis of application as below:

1. Process Control Measurements:

Sensors & Transmitters for measurement of process parameters like moisture, composition, Brix, Consistency, pressure , level etc.

2. Valve actuation and control :

Linear & Rotary Actuators (electric), I/P Converters, Pressure Regulators, Volume Booster etc

3. Pneumatic Control:

I/P Converter, Air Pressure Regulator, Volume Booster, Pneumatic Relays etc

4. Solar Power :

Array Junction box, String Combiner Box , DC Distribution Boards, AC Distribution Boards, Main Junction Boxes etc

5. Electrical Distribution :

LT Control Panel Boards, MCB Enclosures, Weatherproof Enclosures, Junction Boxes , Energy Meter Boxes etc

6. Automations & Instrumentation Control Panel :

PLC Interfacing Solutions, Power Supplies, Analogue & Digital transmitters, Loop Isolators, Process Indicators, Enclosures for HMI, micro PLCs, Instrumentation Termination Boxes etc

Please visit our pages for respective industies to see products application in a particular industry.



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Harrer & Kassen GmbH, Germany

Based in Germany , Harrer & Kassen manufacturers & develops latest Microwave & NIR based sensors. Reputed for innovative design, ease of operation, low maintenance and accuracy. 

Fairchid Industrial Products

 Fairchild has reputation of manufacturing high precision pneumatic comtrol components.   E/P, IP Transducres Pressure Regulators Volume Booster Pneumatic Reays 


Based in Tampere , Finland  Satron develops and manufacturer Pressure & Level transmitters, Pasve Valves and Optical Transmitters. 


Ensto Oy , Finland is world leading manufacturer of thermoplastic enclosures. Enclosing solutions from Ensto includes : Polycarbonate , ABS, Polyester , CRC Sheet Steel  or Aluminium enclosures. ATEX approved enclosures are also available.

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